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Vineyard Trellising for Wine Grape Developments

Mike Mason Fencing is not just another company helping to set up wineries; we run our own vineyards. The Mike Mason family grows over 230 hectares of premium wine grapes in the Riverland of South Australia.

What this means for you is Mike Mason understands the structure required to maximise yields come harvest because Mike Mason does it too.

New Vineyards: Mike Mason Fencing Can Build Your Entire Vineyard 

Mike Mason Fencing is a specialist in vineyard development and rural fencing. Mike Mason Fencing provides vineyard trellising for large and small wine grape developments. Mike Mason Fencing is known in the viticulture industry for significant work in all wine regions in SA, VIC and NSW.

Mike Mason Fencing can help you with:

  • Vineyard Design: survey and mark out using laser technology.
  • Vineyard Trellising: erect posts using the new vibrating post driver, water drills and rock drills. 
  • Wire and Irrigation Dripper Tube Running: keep your grapes correctly hydrated.
  • Wire Nailing and Irrigation Dripper Tube Attachment
  • Vine Planting and Training: plant your vines and teach you how to care for them.
  • Vineyard Trellis Maintenance: replace broken posts.

The initial on-site consultation and land inspection are instrumental when commencing a new vineyard development project. Mike Mason Fencing takes control of the project to ensure proper installation for a world-class vineyard.

Established Vineyards: Complete Vineyard Management

Every working vineyard requires management to ensure that viticultural performance can be optimised and fruit quality can be delivered to specification. In addition to the daily, weekly and seasonal inputs, vineyards also need expert assessment and analysis.

Mike Mason Fencing is in partnership with sister company Yatco Viticulture to provide complete vineyard management services to you. Supplying supervised labour to grape growers as required for seasonal tasks, Mike Mason Fencing can help you with:

  • Mechanical wineyard harvesting
  • Vine canopy mechanical barrel pruning
  • Vine canope spraying
  • Weedicide spraying
  • Manure and mulch spreading
  • Grape pruning
  • Grape picking
  • Weed control

For vineyard contracting and management, Mike Mason Fencing can supply you with an experienced team to get the job done. Contact Mike Mason Fencing today for further information.

Vineyard contracting

Mike Mason Vineyard contracting