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Hard Rock Drilling

Mike Mason Fencing Makes Hard Rock Drilling Easy, No Holes Barred

South Australia has some of the hardest rock in the country. Mike Mason Fencing has experience dealing with the difficult and challenging formations typically encountered in the South Australia landscape.

Mike Mason Fencing use technology that’s an efficient, low cost alternative to drilling hard rock. Mike Mason Fencing can drill many holes per hour using this technology. This means great savings for you.

The rock drill is a tractor mounted, rotary percussion unit and is powered by a large high-pressure air compressor. These units are easily transported and can access small workspaces compared with large earthmoving equipment.

Mike Mason Fencing’s rock drill will achieve a clean hole in the hardest Mallee limestone, as well as the granite and bluestone found in the Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula, McLaren Vale, Barossa and Claire Valleys.

Mike Mason Fencing use environmentally conscious methods without compromising on high strength. The specialist equipment controls dust to provide a considerable reduction in environmental impacts.

Rock Drill For a Wide Range of Applications

Mike Mason Fencing currently deploys 5 rock drills across South Australia to drill rock for:

  • All other contractors
  • Sheds, houses and building footings
  • Retaining walls
  • Tree holes
  • Fencing
  • Vineyard trellising

And varying sizes of holes can be drilled:

  • Up to 1000mm in diameter and 3.6m in depth in hard rock
  • Up to 1-2m in diameter and 4.5m in depth in softer rock