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Industrial Fencing

If you need a fence for any industrial application, Mike Mason Fencing can build it.

Mike Mason Fencing can install chain wire, galvanised or PVC coated fences. Mike Mason Fencing has installed fences for rockslide catching, swing gates, sliding gates, cantilever gates, tennis and basketball courts. All gates can be finished in just about any powder colour you like, including popular colours black and green.

Mike Mason Fencing can motorise your gate from a keypad or through a telephone, mains powered or solar. For added security, Mike Mason Fencing can install chain wires with barbs, razor wire, tubular vertical with spearheads. Mike Mason Fencing can also run electric around your property for added security.

Mike Mason Fencing Build Fences For Companies Big & Small

Mike Mason Fencing have built the original fence around the Mine Site and Met Plant at Roxby Olympic Dam, installed security fences around numerous ponds on the mine site and for Nippys at their Moorook premise in the Riverland.

Industrial Fencing