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Agricultural Fencing

Mike Mason Fencing can help design and build fences for every purpose. Mike Mason Fencing has experience building all kinds of stock and equine fences, post and rail and driveway entrances for rural living properties. Mike Mason Fencing can also assist with rock drilling for domestic fencing.

Stronger, Cost Effective Fences

Mike Mason Fencing has teams ready to build your fence from the ground up. Each team is equipped with Meclock fencing machines, new design vibrating post drivers and rotary percussion rock-drilling units. Mike Mason Fencing use this equipment to clear fences lines and mark out the design individually customised to your property.

The Meclock fencing machine is designed and built by our engineers and tailored to the needs of the rural industry. It is a tractor drawn unit with wire spinners and wire tensioning rollers. Specialised droppers are attached to the wires resulting in a fully fabricated and tensioned fence laid out ready to be attached to posts. Wire type and position can be altered to suit your fencing needs.

The end result is a low cost, low maintenance and long life suspension fence. For more information, visit Meclock Fences.

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